Estudando o Samba

Mr Bongo

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Incredibly unique concept album from the one and only Tom Zé. As featured in Rolling Stone magazine's 100 Greatest Brazilian Albums of all-time list (2007). 

One of Ze’s finest, Estudando do Samba, originally released by Continental Brazil in 1976 is a post-Tropicalia studio experimentation laden with layers of hypnotic percussion, effects & samples that deconstructs the ‘samba’ form.

David Byrne found the record in Rio in the late 90’s and included several songs on his Tom Ze collection for Luaka Bop a few years later. At that time Tom was not recording or touring much. Byrne’s project helped to reignite his career and he hasn’t looked back since.


  1. Ma~
  2. A Felicidade
  3. Toc
  4. To^
  5. Vai (Menina Amenha^ De Manha^
  6. Ui! (Voce^ Inventa)
  7. Doi
  8. Ma^e (Ma^e Solteira)
  9. Hein?
  10. So´ (Solida^o)
  11. Se
  12. Indice