Dark Star


Recorded on his own at home in Wuppertal, Germany, this collection of Tom Diabo's music spans the years 1979 to 1986 when Tom was diagnosed with a brain tumor and recuperating. Tragically, the cancer returned and he passed away in 1986 leaving behind this collection of songs. Recorded on a 2-track using economic means, such as bouncing-down and recording vocals with guitars simultaneously, it’s a primitive portrait of an artist grappling with a renewed sense of life and the ever-looming reality of death.

RIYLHorrid Red + Joy Division + Big Black


1. Suspicious
2. Nothing Is Real
3. Alone On The Top
4. The End Of The Line
5. Heaven
6. Back To The Hearts
7. Dead End Street
8. Life Is No Fun
9. Son Of Thunder
10. Love Is A Nice Dream
11. Girl
12. New Ted In Town
13. Barstool Blues
14. Stage Of Fools
15. So Long