Howl & Whisper


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Tom describes himself as a story-singer of moonlit folk songs. A little bit raucous Irish ballads, a little bit grim outlaw country, a little bit swinging protest songs. Music for midnight drunks and, the brokenhearted.

Used to dragging his guitar through back alleys and bars, he found himself at Aucklands Wine Cellar singing songs and drinking whiskey with some damn fine musicians and incredible humans. It was after one of these shows that plans were hatched to travel to Lyttelton to record Toms songs with Ben Edwards.

One morning last June a ragged bunch of St Kevins regulars: Tom, Dave Khan, Will Wood, Tom Landon-Lane and Steve Huf piled into a plane and headed off for the freezing cold cliffs of Lyttelton Harbour. Ten days later they had twelve songs. Ten months later we have an album, its called Howl and Whisper

My grandfather played fiddle in a pub band in Westport, Ireland when he was young.
He passed his love for music onto my mum, who in turn forced it upon me. I learned piano and violin from a young age, toiling away with little enthusiasm and even less success.
It wasnt until I got a guitar on my 19th birthday and started obsessing over Dylan, Van Morrison, Leonard Cohen and Paul Simon that music took hold of me.
Now it has me locked in its basement, chained to the blues, eating only folk and country music.

Artist: Tom Cunliffe
Title: Howl & Whisper
Cat #: LR0010
Label: Lyttelton Records
Year: 2016
Format: 12" LP + CD


  1. Old Moon
  2. Theres Your Lord
  3. Came My Way
  4. Just Kids
  5. They Dug It All Away
  6. Howl And Whisper
  7. Dirty Road
  8. Time To Cry, My Woman
  9. My Whiskey And Me Looking For New York
  10. A Park In Barcelona
  11. The One You Want

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