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Over plucked acoustic guitar or deftly weighted piano chords, Maple Glider shares vignettes of her life; growing up in a restrictive religious household, falling in an out of love, interstate and international relocations, the new perspectives travel can bring along with the alienation of being away from the familiar.

Maple Glider is the new project of solo artist Tori Zietsch (Peach with a Z). In the singer-songwriter tradition, the music is centred around the lyrics, exploring intimate themes, and often serving as a self-catharsis. Offsetting the heavy nature of some of the words, Maple Glider herself is humorous, fabulous, and warm. Find her on Instagram for her lovable self.

Brought up in a restrictive religious household, Zietsch relocated to Melbourne, spent some years overseas, and returned with a SoundCloud account (literally) full of demos. She’d experienced heavy loneliness abroad, but it was during that time that she entered a pool of self-reflection. The resulting songs relate to working through her experience as a child raised in religion, and the years she spent trying to extract that from her identity. But many are also about love and relationships - the end of, middle of, confusion of.


Side A
1. As Tradition
2. Swimming
3. View From This Side
4. Friend
5. Be Mean, It's Kinder Than Crying

Side B
1. Good Thing
2. Baby Tiger
3. Performer
4. Mama It's Christmas