Tim Burgess & Bob Stanley Present TIM PEAKS - Songs For A Late-Night Diner

Double Vinyl

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Charlatans singer Tim Burgess and Saint Etienne's Bob Stanley have known each for three decades now. Aside from a shared love of Factory Records and the Fall, they both consider Twin Peaks to be the greatest TV show ever. They also share a love of cafes, but Tim has gone the extra mile and set up the Tim Peaks Diner, a huge draw at festivals, combining tea, coffee and music. This, then, is a soundtrack for the Tim Peaks Diner after dusk - put a couple of quid in the jukebox and the plangent guitars of Durutti Column, Dean McPhee & Galaxie 500 color the air. Included here are rare recordings on Factory Records (Stockholm Monsters, the Royal Family & The Poor), and groups that appeared in the wake of the Fall (Blue Orchids, the Fates); from South Wales there are minimal miniatures by Young Marble Giants and the Gist, as well as Gwenno's ice crystal electronica. Not that the music needs to originate from Britain at all - there are tracks here from Sweden (El Perro Del Mar), New Zealand (the Chills) and the US, too (Chastity Belt). Compiled by Tim Burgess and Bob Stanley, this is the soundtrack to the Tim Peaks Diner after the sun's gone down, and it contains some of the most beautiful and atmospheric independent music made in the last 40 years.

  1. Choci Loni - Young Marble Giants
  2. House With A Hundred Rooms - The Chills
  3. Lips That Would Kiss (Form Prayers To Broken Stone) - Durutti Column
  4. Yanks - The Gist
  5. Hunros (A Dream) – Gwenno
  6. Mud And Flame - Modern Studies
  7. I Had To Say This - The Clientele
  8. I Love You (Restrained In A Moment) – The Royal Family & The Poor
  9. Betty's Lament - Isan
  10. Slow Motion - Jane Weaver
  11. Fuel - Echo & The Bunnymen
  12. Flowers - Galaxie 500
  13. The Broken Fall - Gnac
  14. Blue Dress - Birdie
  15. Dog - El Perro Del Mar
  16. Fairy Tales - Stockholm Monsters
  17. Different Now - Chastity Belt
  18. A Year With No Head - Blue Orchids
  19. Ten Years - Bracken
  20. Sheila - She Beats In My Heart - The Fates
  21. Sky Burial - Dean Mcphee

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