The End (2020 Reissue)

Limited Translucent Orange Vinyl 2LP

The Three 6 Mafia's beginnings date back to the early '90s when they were known as Triple Six Mafia. Three 6 made their proper debut in 1995 with Mystic Stylez, a groundbreaking effort that lent itself well to the "horrorcore" tag tossed about in the years to follow. The independent release of their album, The End, through independent distributor, Select-O-Hits, propelled DJ Paul, Juicy J and their crew to National prominence. The recognition received by The End led to the group signing a major label deal with Relativity Records and the rest is Rap history. The End is the Three 6 Mafia album that took them to the next level and eventual Grammy and Academy Awards.


Side A
1. Our Arrival
2. Stomp
3. Money Flow
4. Late Night Tip
5. Gotcha Shakin'

Side B
1. I Aint Goin'
2. Good Stuff
3. Walk Up 2 Yo House
4. In-2-Deep

Side C
1. Last Man Standing
2. Destruction Terror
3. Body Parts
4. Where's Da Bud

Side D
1. Gette'm Crunk
2. Where Da Killaz Hang
3. The End
4. Life Or Death