Hear A Body Tone

Described as "cinematic, emotionally and structurally complex music" (punkas.com) and among other things, "arty and smart, but not in the disappearing up their own crack kind of way" (Vice magazine) as well as being tipped as "Ones to Succeed" (Real Groove Magazine).

Known for their spontaneously destructive and unpredictably chaotic live show This Night Creeps have achieved much since the release of their self titled CD of 2003. Bringing their intense guitar-driven electro sound to audiences throughout Australasia; playing numerous international supports and tours with both local and international heavyweights.

This Night Creeps formed in early 2002 as a previous bands framework and direction began to inhibit the members. Luke and Steve from Hamilton Punk band My Two Cents decided to start afresh with Steve switching from bass to drums and Luke remaining as guitarist/vocalist. With the addition of long time friend Jeffrey Burch joining on bass the birth of This Night Creeps was now complete.

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