Third World Pyramid

Vinyl LP

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Third World Pyramid is the first album that was fully recorded & produced at Anton’s new Cobra Studio in Berlin. 

It is the 15th full length release from the Brian Jonestown Massacre recorded from early 2016. 

Featuring Ricky MaymiDan AllaireJoel GionCollin Hegna & Ryan Van Kriedt from the band.
Also Emil Nikolaisen from the Norwegian band Serena-Maneesh joins the band on this album , plus vocal performance Tess Parks and Katy Lane

Vinyl LP Tracklisting:
Side A:
1. Good Mourning
2. Government Beard
3. Don't Get Lost
4. Assignment Song 

Side B:
1. Oh Bother
2. Third World Pyramid
3. Like describing colors to a blind man on acid
4. Lunar Surf Graveyard
5. The Sun Ship

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