These Things Take Time (Reissue)

Night School

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Night School announces a new pressing of the long sold-out debut album by Molly Nilsson, These Things Take Time, on galaxy vinyl, and for the first time on CD. As a significant cultural artifact of the underground pop movement that bubbled up in the early 21st century, it's an important landmark. In Molly Nilsson's herstory it remains one of her most adored works.

It would be easy to say that Molly Nilsson needs no introduction, but These Things Take Time is an introduction. Originally self-released in 2008 on a limited CDR run with handfolded sleeve, Nilsson's debut album has slowly taken over the hearts of many. In 2014 this modern classic of autonomous, DIY pop and punk-as-you-like attitude was released as a beautiful edition of double vinyl, featuring unreleased bonus tracks across two discs-it sold out within a month of release!

  1. The Lonely
  2.  The Diamond Song
  3.  8000 Days
  4.  Wounds Itch When the Heal
  5.  Whiskey Sour
  6.  Poisoned Candy
  7.  (Won't Somebody) Take Me Out Tonight
  8.  Hey Moon!
  9.  The Home Song
  10. Joyride
  11.  We're Never Coming Home
  12.  Dinosaur Tears
  13.  My Dream from Last Night
  14.  Zur Tranen Bar
  15.  Lend Me Your Love
  16. Some Need Powder
  17. Nightlife