Free Myself (3 x 12" Vinyl LP)

3x12" Vinyl LP

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One of the most respected and innovative dance music producers on the planet, set for a visit to our shores next month, Theo Parrish with nine astonishing new numbers, packaged up for your spinning pleasure on three 12"s. The Detroit legend has reunited with fellow Motor City resident and scorching R&B vocal talent Maurissa Rose for a collection of tunes that promise a much more soulful affair than Parrish's usual dancefloor fare. - Flying Out

Theo Parrish teams up with Maurissa Rose again on a rare if not completely unprecedented outing that is pure soul magic rather than the dancefloor spells Parrish normally casts. It's a quite the classy outing, as Rose goes full pelt over tinkling percussion and hip-hop beats, showing that every inch of her reputation is totally deserved. Fans of the pair's previous single, 'This Is For You', will find this more coneventional in a 70s classic soul way, but even more spectactular.


A1. Free Myself
A2. The Truth (Background Vocals K. Waterman)
B1. I'm Done
C1. Spiral Staircase
C2. Purify Me
D1. Everything You Want
D2. Snake (Ft. D. Deporres)
E. Surround The World
F. Once I Been Gone 

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