Perak (Cassette)

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When you first hear Thee Marloes, their particular soul sound may seem familiar enough. There are the weighty drums, a crooning guitar, and a beautiful voice singing about unrequited love and the complications inherent in affairs of the heart. But then there is something undeniably different about Thee Marloes and their music, something new and distinct. And while you may be acquainted with soul music, you've probably never heard it from Surabaya, Indonesia-the place they call home. Thee Marloes are Natassya Sianturi singing and playing keys, Tommy Satwick on drums, and Sinatrya ("Raka") Dharaka on guitar and handling production. Their sound has the universal appeal of soul, jazz, and pop, but with a distinct approach attributable to their local culture and global influence. 


  1. I Know
  2. Logika
  3. Summer
  4. Midnight Hotline
  5. Beri Cinta Waktu
  6. True Love
  7. Mungkin Saja
  8. Not Today
  9. Over
  10. No One Else
  11. Nona
  12. Thank You

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