Who's Next (Remastered) (10CD + Blu-Ray Box Set)

10CD + Blu-Ray Box Set

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Contains 10 CDs all remastered from original tapes by long time Who engineer Jon Astley as well as a Blu-ray Audio disc with newly made Atmos & 5.1 surround mixes of the original album and 14 bonus tracks by Steven Wilson. The set features 155 total tracks including 89 unreleased tracks & mixes and another 57 previously released tracks but with a fresh remix. Showcased are Pete Townshend’s Life House demos, the band’s Record Plant NYC 1971 sessions, the Olympic Studios 1970-1972 sessions, singles & additional sessions, and 2 complete concerts for the first-time ever from London’s Young Vic Theatre and San Francisco’s Civic Auditorium both from 1971 and newly mixed.

The box contains a 100-page hard back book designed by Richard Evans with an introduction by Pete Townshend and new sleeve notes by compilers Andy Neil and Matt Kent giving an overview of this classic album as well as rare photos and memorabilia from the era.

Life House – The Graphic Novel is a newly commissioned work putting the album’s story into an interpretation in words and pictures of the story, it is a 172-page hard backed book and overseen by Pete Townshend.

To round off this exceptional set there is a wallet containing a 20” x 30” poster of a gig in Sunderland, England, May 7, 1970; a 25.5” x 34.25 poster of a gig at Denver Coliseum, Denver, CO, December 10, 1971; a 20-page concert program from the Rainbow Theatre, London, November 4, 1971; a 16-page UK tour program, October/November 1971; a collectible four pin button set; and an 8” x 10” color photo of The Who with printed autographs.


CD 1 - Who's Next
1. Baba O’Riley
2. Bargain
3. Love Ain’t for Keeping
4. My Wife
5. The Song Is Over
6. Getting In Tune
7. Going Mobile
8. Behind Blue Eyes
9. Won’t Get Fooled Again

CD2: Pete Townshend's Life House Demos 1970 - 1971 – Part 1
1. Teenage Wasteland (Demo)*
2. Too Much (Demo) *
3. Going Mobile (Demo)*
4. There's A Fortune in Those Hills (Demo)*
5. Love Ain't For Keeping (Demo)*
6. Bargain (Demo)*
7. Greyhound Girl (Demo)*
8. Mary (Alternate Mix) (Demo)**
9. Behind Blue Eyes (Demo)*
10. Time Is Passing (Demo)* 
11. Finally, Over (Demo)**
12. Baba O'Riley (Original Demo)**

CD3: Pete Townshend's Life House Demos 1970 - 1971 – Part 2
1. Pure And Easy (Home Studio Mix) (Demo)*
2. Getting In Tune (Alternate Mix) (Demo)**
3. Nothing Is Everything (Let's See Action) (Demo)*
4. Won't Get Fooled Again (Demo)*
5. Baba O'Riley (Demo)*
6. Song Is Over (2021 Remix) (Demo)**
7. Pure And Easy (Olympic Studios Mix) (Demo)**
8. Mary (Original Mix) (Demo)*
9. Baba O'Riley (First Editing Demo)**
10. Song Is Over (Original Demo)*

CD4: Record Plant, NYC Sessions March 1971
1. Don’t Do It (aka Baby Don’t You Do It) [Take 2, Unedited, March 16, 1971]**
2. Won’t Get Fooled Again [Take 13, March 16, 1971]*
3. Behind Blue Eyes (Version 1) [Take 15, March 16, 1971]**
4. Love Ain't For Keeping [Take 14, March 17, 1971]*
5. The Note (aka Pure and Easy) [Take 21, March 17, 1971]*
6. I’m In Tune (aka Getting in Tune) [Take 6, March 18, 1971*
7. Behind Blue Eyes (Version 2) [Take 10, March 18, 1971}*

CD5: Olympic Sound Studios, London Sessions 1970-72
1. Pure And Easy*
2. I Don’t Know Myself [B-side with Unreleased Count-in]
3. Time Is Passing [Stereo Mix]**
4. Too Much of Anything [Original 1971 Vocal]**
5. Naked Eye [1971 Remake]**
6. Bargain (Early Mix)**
7. Love Ain't For Keeping (Unedited Mix)**
8. My Wife (Unedited Mix)**
9. Getting In Tune (Take 1 with Jam)**
10. Going Mobile (Alternate Mix)** 
11. Song Is Over (Backing Track) [with Nicky Hopkins]** 
12. When I Was a Boy** 
13. Let's See Action (Unedited Mix)** 
14. Relay (Unedited Mix) [Alternate Vocal]** 
15. Put The Money Down [Remix with Original Vocal]*
16. Join Together [Unedited Remix]**

CD6: Singles & Sessions 1970-72
1. The Seeker (Original Single Mix)
2. Here For More [Original Single Mix]
3. Heaven And Hell [New Stereo Mix]**
4. Water [Eel Pie Sound Studio – New Unedited Mix]**
5. I Don't Know Myself [Eel Pie Sound Studio – New Unedited Mix]**
6. Naked Eye [Eel Pie Sound Studio – New Unedited Mix]**
7. Postcard [Eel Pie Sound Studio – Original 1970 Mix]**
8. Now I'm A Farmer [Eel Pie Sound Studio – New Remix]**
9. The Seeker (Unedited Version)** 
10. Water (IBC Version)** 
11. I Don’t Know Myself (IBC Version)**
12. Let's See Action (Original Single Mix) 
13. When I Was a Boy (Original Single Mix) 
14. Join Together (Original Single Mix) 
15. Relay (Original Single Mix) 
16. Waspman (Original Single Mix) 
17. Long Live Rock (Original Olympic Mix)

CD7: Live At The Young Vic, London – April 26, 1971
1. Love Ain’t for Keeping*
2. Pure And Easy*
3. Young Man Blues*
4. Time Is Passing*
5. Behind Blue Eyes*
6. I Don’t Even Know Myself*
7. Too Much of Anything*
8. Getting In Tune*
9. Bargain*

CD8: Live At The Young Vic, London – April 26, 1971
1. Pinball Wizard**
2. See Me, Feel Me**
3. Baby Don’t You Do It*
4. Water*
5. My Generation*
6. (I’m A) Road Runner*
7. Naked Eye*
8. Bony Moronie*
9. Won’t Get Fooled Again*

CD9: Live At The Civic Auditorium, San Francisco – December 12, 1971
1. Introduction**
2. I Can't Explain*
3. Substitute*
4. Summertime Blues**
5. My Wife*
6. Baba O'Riley**
7. Behind Blue Eyes*
8. Bargain*
9. Won't Get Fooled Again** 
10. Baby Don't You Do It* 
11. Magic Bus**

CD10: Live At The Civic Auditorium, San Francisco – December 12, 1971
1. Introduction To Tommy**
2. Overture**
3. Amazing Journey**
4. Sparks**
5. Pinball Wizard**
6. See Me Feel Me**
7. My Generation**
8. Naked Eye*
9. Going Down*

Blu-ray audio:
Steven Wilson Atmos Mix (48kHz 24-bit)** Steven Wilson 5.1 Mix (48kHz 24-bit)** Steven Wilson Stereo Mix (96kHz 24-bit)* Original 1971 Stereo Mix (96kHz 24-bit)
1. Baba O’Riley
2. Bargain
3. Love Ain’t For Keeping
4. My Wife
5. The Song Is Over
6. Getting In Tune
7. Going Mobile
8. Behind Blue Eyes
9. Won’t Get Fooled Again

Bonus Tracks
Steven Wilson Atmos Mix (48kHz 24-bit) Steven Wilson 5.1 Mix (48kHz 24-bit)
1. The Seeker (Unedited Version)**
2. Here For More*
3. Now I'm A Farmer**
4. I Don't Know Myself (Eel Pie Sound Version)**
5. Water (IBC Version)**
6. Naked Eye (Olympic Sound Version)**
7. Pure And Easy**
8. Too Much of Anything**
9. Let's See Action**
10. When I Was a Boy**
11. Join Together (Unedited Version)**
12. Put The Money Down**
13. Relay (Unedited Version)**
14. Long Live Rock**
* Previously released with new remix
** Previously unreleased

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