Nux Vomica [The Nick Launay Mixes]

Vinyl LP

Hot on the heels of The Veils' heart-bursting new double album ...And Out Of The Void Came Love, the band have announced the long, long, long awaited reissue of their game-changing second album Nux Vomica.Not content to just dish up a second helping of "same old", however, The Veils have had the tunes remastered at Abbey Road from the 2" analog tapes, and as an ever bigger bonus, these are the never-heard original mixes by producer Nick Launay (The Birthday Party, PiL). With brand new artwork to boot, this is the Nux Vomica you always wanted but were too afraid to ask for!

After the success of the debut The Runaway Found the second album by The Veils is still a very pleasant surprise. A far heavier and darker sound characterises the album, very different from the indie sound of the previous record. Most notable tracks are Jesus for the Jugular, Not Yet, Pan and the title track itself, while more accessible numbers are the singles Advice for Young Mothers to Be and One Night on Earth. A distinctive contribution to this new sound was given by the string arrangements of Jane Scarpantoni, ex member of The Lounge Lizards and long-time Lou Reed collaborator. On Calliope!, in a move typical of the more famous band, guitars take a back seat to keyboards and the strings play a sharp marcato.

  1. Not Yet
  2. Calliope!
  3. Advice for Young Mothers to Be
  4. Jesus for the Jugular
  5. Pan
  6. A Birthday Present
  7. Under the Folding Branches
  8. Nux Vomica
  9. One Night on Earth
  10. House Where We All Live