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Look Alive! Is the sound of The Stroppies honing their craft under new and unfamiliar conditions. Written mainly on the road then finished and recorded at home with whatever was on hand with only three of the four members present, it is according to the band’s singer/guitarist Angus Lord, "an EP forged in circumstance. A sum total of fleeting vignettes on scraps of paper, voice memos and iPhone notepads all collated between soundchecks and long stretches in a tour van rolled pieced together over weekly jams". 

Tracked by the band and long time friend/collaborator Alex Macfarlane (Twerps, The Stevens, Hobbies Galore) at home and then mixed and mastered direct off the tape at Phaedra studios in Coburg by John Lee, it’s also a somewhat collaborative project, drawing in influence and inspiration from myriad sources.

RIYL: The Clean, The Bats, The Goon Sax

1. Burning Bright (02:30)
2. Look Alive (03:45)
3. Sad Sorry Soul (01:57)
4. Roller Cloud (03:08)
5. Holes in Everything (03:05)
6. The Aisles of the Supermarket (02:40)
7. Enter or Exit (02:28)
8. Rigid Men and Conduct Codes (01:15)

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