Barricades and Angels


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Before there was The Cleaners From Venus prolific singer-songwriter and national treasure of Wivenhoe, England, Martin Newell was in a band called The Stray Trolleys.

In 1980, he and a few youngish unknowns got together in a little home-built country studio and recorded a handful of songs for an album that eventually emerged on a DIY cassette, Barricades and Angels. They weren't perfect, but there is something very special about this collection. The music captures a time. Just listen.


1. The Secret Dreams of a Kitchen Porter
2. A Bluebeat Kid 
3. The Guvnor's Only Daughter 
4. New Age Dreamer 
5. Stiletto Luv 
6. Gunslinger
7. Love Into Action 
8. 10 Million Years
9. Flamingo Road
10. Finding Out 
11. Barricades and Angels 
12. No Static 
13. Days of Firebirds 

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