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Small Time / Hey Hey We're The Manqués


Small Time / Hey Hey We're The Manqués

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"The Servants were pioneers in the jangle pop movement in England and were featured on the classic C86 compilation. The Servants featured members who went on to play in Jesus and Mary Chain, Lush, Biff Band Pow, and Primal Scream. For fans of jangle pop everywhere! Tracklist: “Small Time” Side 1 - 1. Everybody Has A Dream 2. Don't Leave Town 3. People Going Places 4. Complete Works 5. Dating Then Waiting 6. Born To Dance 7. Motivation 8. Let's Live A Little. Side 2 - 1. Aim In Life 2. Rejection 3. Fear Eats The Soul 4. The Thrill Of It All 5. All Talk 6. Out Of Your Life 7. Slow Dancing… “Hey Hey We're the Manqués" Side 3 - 1. The Word Around Town 2. She Whom Once I Dreamt Of 3. You'd Do Me Good 4. She Grew And She Grew 5. She's Always Hiding 6. Hey, Mrs John 7. Afterglow. Side 4- 1. Look Like A Girl 2. Third Wheel 3. Thin-Skinned 4. They Should Make A Statue 5. Move Out 6. Big Future 7. Restles"

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