Fight Softly

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The Ruby Suns seem to have been followed around with Animal Collective comparisons since day one. The New Zealanders aren't going to be throwing too many cynics off the scent with the initial technicolour rush of electronics on new album Fight Softly, either. Despite the kaleidoscopic electronics of opener Sun Lake Rinsed, The Merriweather Post Pavilion parallels are only especially evident to anyone who's already listening out for them. In fact, next track Mingus And Pike has as much in common with Toro Y Moi's blend of post-Dilla hip hop and effervescent '80s pop, while 'Cinco' sounds splendidly akin to an Ace Of Base track - spluttering out its pop-reggae rhythms and sugary synths. All this leads into album highlight 'Cranberry', which of all the tracks assembled here probably makes the closest associations with Afro-pop, inviting the listener into the same sort of electronically overhauled realm of sun-kissed Graceland-isms thrown up by The Very Best, or Panda Bear's Person Pitch. More tropical loveliness arrives in the shape of 'Dusty Fruit' and the joyful 'How Kids Fail', whose tribal beats and biting synths are bright enough to make you squint. Fight Softly is not only a smart, modern pop record, it's also tremendously good fun and its incredibly easy to get swept up by its sunny charms.


  1. Sun Lake Rinsed
  2. Mingus and Pike
  3. Cinco
  4. Cranberry
  5. Closet Astrologer
  6. Haunted House
  7. How Kids Fail
  8. Dusty Fruit
  9. Two Humans
  10. Olympics on Pot