Eskimo (Reissue) (Vinyl 2LP)

Vinyl 2LP
Perhaps their best-known album – certainly the one which introduced the classic eyeball head image – Eskimo saw The Residents explore the myths, legends and music of the native tribes of the northern American coastline and tundra. Released following several years of the group travelling into the Arctic to make field recordings, record with (and learn from) the natives and soak up as much of that atmosphere as they could cram into their suitcases, the album and its mythology (not least the long delay preceding its release) cemented The Residents’ reputation as the weird anonymous band with eyeballs on their heads it was OK to like (long before everybody was doing it).


1. The Walrus Hunt
2. Birth
3. Arctic Hysteria
4. The Angry Angakok
5. A Spirit Steals A Child
6. The Festival Of Death
7. ICE RDX Suite (The ‘Eskimo’ multitrack tapes)
8. Kenya
9. Middle East Dance (from ‘ICE2’)
10. Scottish Rhapsody
11. Diskomo (Demo)
12. Eskimo Suite (1982 Rehearsal)
13. Diskomo (1982 Rehearsal)