More Nerves

1:12 Records

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"You can stop waiting, for The Raw Nerves have returned with their long-awaited sophomore record. More Nerves is their second LP on 1:12 Records in New Zealand, coming with 15 more tracks about love, depression, straight-up hooliganism, and then some... For the most part, the band is picking up right where they dropped us on the flip side, they take the touchy side of the love fence, offering a longing, down-on-yourself type of vibe (if you ask them, its emotional toughguy music) in a few spots on the LP (Oh Girl, Dont Break My Heart on Valentines Day, Talk Me Down). Aside from these, the gang executes the rest of the LP with their own fun-loving charge, providing the same riotous, high-energy and spirited approach that we heard on their debut." - Styrofoam Drone
Artist: The Raw Nerves
Title: More Nerves
Label: 1:12 Records
Cat #: 1:1233003
Year: 2015
Format: LP

Track List:
  1. Nobody Gives A Shit About You
  2. Let Me Listen To Your Problems
  3. Oh Girl
  4. Don't Break My Heart (On Valentines Day)
  5. Its Alright
  6. I'm Uptight
  7. I'm Disgusting
  8. Talk Me Down
  9. In Retreat
  10. Not Gonna Try
  11. Evil Spirits
  12. I Dream Of Wizards
  13. I'm Dead Inside
  14. You Sicken Me
  15. I Love This Town