THE PLAGUE - The Plague LP + 7" – Flying Out
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The Plague LP + 7"

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Vinyl LP + 7"


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Founded in 1978 by actor / writer / poet Richard von Sturmer (writer of 'There is No Depression In New Zealand') after witnessing London's electrifying punk scene firsthand, The Plague were formed in reaction to the "nailed down and narrow-minded state" of Muldoon-era Aotearoa. Including members Tim Mahon, Andrew McLennanDavid Parkyn, John Schmidt, Adrian Hart and The Snoids on backing vocals: Charlotte Wrightson, Miles McKane and Sally Griffin, the songs of The Plague will at last be brought to light on a new collection on vinyl LP and 7". Iconic for their pioneering theatrical and untamed art-punk shows, including a high profile performance at Nambassa Festival 1979, members of The Plague generously shared with UTR some of their own memories of the wild times they spent together.