The New Age Steppers (Reissue)

Vinyl LP


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The landmark first album on the On-U Sound label form a potent post-punk/dub fusion.

Few groups embody the explosive culture clash between punk and reggae better than New Age Steppers and few releases stand as an example of the musical amalgam’s potential quite like their debut album.

The New Age Steppers is most striking as a deeply strange record — and purposefully so. Its impression is that this conglomeration of musicians were gunning for something unknowable; nothing less than the future of music — bringing to mind a version of Can fronted by Lee “Scratch” Perry.

The influential forward-looking visions of New Age Steppers begins here.

A certified classic of the era and an essential addition to any post-punk record collection.


  1. Fade Away 
  2. Radial Drill 
  3. State Assembly
  4. Crazy Dreams And High Ideals
  5. Abderhamane's Demise 
  6. Animal Space 
  7. Love Forever 
  8. Private Armies