Head (Reissue)

LP (Silver Vinyl)

The Monkees' psychedelic journey Head reissued on Silver Vinyl. Head contains songs and snippets of dialogue from the Monkees' full-length feature film of the same name; a 90-minute surreal, psychedelic, comedy adventure, which was the band's first and only theatrical release.

Notable tracks include Micky Dolenz's vocals on two Carole King works: the ethereal Porpoise Song, and the Toni Stern collaboration on the pastoral As We Go Along.


Side 1

  1. Opening Ceremony
  2. Porpoise Song (Theme from "Head")
  3. Ditty Diego-War Chant
  4. Circle Sky
  5. Supplicio
  6. Can You Dig It
  7. Gravy

Side 2

  1. Superstitious
  2. As We Go Along
  3. Dandruff
  4. Daddy's Song
  5. Poll
  6. Do I Have to Do This All over Again (Long Title)
  7. Swami-Plus Strings (feat. Ken Thorne)