Horror Show

Vinyl LP (Splatter)
LA based duo The Midnight’s sweeping sound fuses Americana archetypes with an evocative palette referencing synth-driven film scores, rock and pop.


The Midnight – Tyler Lyle, a songwriter from the Deep South, and Danish producer Tim McEwan – formed in 2012 after meeting at a co-writing workshop in North Hollywood. Inspired in part by the score for Drive and the retro-synth genre growing around its release.

While the leading synthwave act often create a cinematic atmosphere on their releases, Horror Show is a full-on concept album focusing on the horror movies of decades past. ‘This is our little homage to the eerie romance of the stumbled upon late night black and white horror film,’ said The Midnight about the inspiration behind the album.

  1. The Stranger
  2. Ghost in Your Stereo
  3. Neon MedusA
  4. Devil Make a Deal
  5. Good in Red
  6. Because The Night (Feat. Nikki Flores)