Dreaming Over You

Vinyl LP



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This beautiful debut album by Tamaki Makaurau quintet The Loving Arms, Dreaming Over You is an instant Sunday morning classic. Featuring nine cuts of lush, emotional country-soul balladry, this is music for heart-broken adults after the storm. In a world gone wrong, Dreaming Over You offers safe harbour, a soft landing, a warm bed, a place to dry your tears, nurse your hangover and pull yourself together 

They've been one of Tāmaki Makaurau's best-kept secrets, but with the buzz building around Dreaming Over You, The Loving Arms are fast becoming a hot ticket. Songwriter Mark Beesley was part of Ghost Town, a collaboration with Jed Town (Fetus Productions, Features) and together they released the lauded album Sky is Falling in 2017.  For The Loving Arms, Beesley is joined by Dominic Blaazer, Steven Shaw, Bryan Shaw and Catherine Townsend.


  1. Dreaming Over You
  2. Still Need Your Love
  3. Do You
  4. Angel in Disgrace
  5. Sun Going Down
  6. Another Day in Love
  7. If This Is How It Ends
  8. Easy Love
  9. Long Time Gone