The Love Is So Fast



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Exact details on the origins of The Love Is So Fast are vague; essentially, it was a project created by Danyhell and Estrella (currently in Los Llamarada) intended to flesh out bedroom improvisations and act as an inner search for a sense of skeletal (pop) structure amid the morass of postmodern rock effluvium. Performed live and recorded in one take, the five hazy, languorous tracks certainly charge the ions with positive, crystalline zip, creating an electron hole that sounds like alien transmissions from a long-ago Mars. Not the band, friend, the planet!  Fans of the debut LP by Los Llamarada (S-S Records) will be downright giddy with the Precambrian narco-menace that comes carbonating off The Love Is So Fast's archival recordings. Or, as the band says themselves: "This is the music we dreamed of but couldn't play." Grab the peyote, I think I'm Frida Kahlo.