The Libertines

Rough Trade


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Rolling Stone (12/25/03, p.108) - Included in Rolling Stone's "50 Best Albums of 2003" - "...The thrill is hearing the Libertines try--not too hard--to keep it together..."

Rolling Stone (p.79) - 3 1/2 stars out of 5 - "[N]o band in recent history has better captured the vertiginous experience of falling apart and loving it." 


  1. Can't Stand Me Now
  2. Last Post on the Bugle
  3. Don't Be Shy
  4. Man Who Would Be King
  5. Music When the Lights Go Out
  6. Narcissist
  7. Ha Ha Wall
  8. Arbeit Macht Frei
  9. Campaign of Hate
  10. What Katie Did
  11. Tomblands
  12. Saga
  13. Road to Ruin
  14. What Became of the Likely Lads