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After delaying the inevitable for over half a decade, the west coast's most versatile indie-rock everyman, Rob Crow (cofounder of Pinback, Thingy, Heavy Vegetable, and many more) and the world's most left-of-everything drummer, Zach Hill (cofounder of Death Grips and Hella) joined forces in 2006, adopting the moniker, The Ladies. Uniting the disparate worlds of experimental noise and prog-pop, They Mean Us is stunningly effective and efficient. Simultaneously accessible and abstract, The Ladies are an inspired collaborative force truly unlike anything else. 


  1. Black Caeser/Red Sonja 
  2. Recycler 1a 
  3. Vacation, Asphyxia, Vacation 
  4. Empathy On A Stick 
  5. Recycler 1b 
  6. Non-Threatening 
  7. Black Metal In The Hour Of Starbucks 
  8. Nice Chaps, Buddy 
  9. So Much For The Fourth Wall 
  10. Recycler 2 
  11. And Them 
  12. Mandatory Psycho-Freakout