10 Tracks To Echo In The Dark



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10 Tracks To Echo in the Darkthe sixth studio album from The Kooks, is a fresh sounding, electronic-tinged evolution of their iconic sound.Berlin has long been something of a creative mecca for artists from all over the world and frontman Luke Pritchard found himself moving in those circles, meeting the collaborators he would work with on their behemoth of a sixth album. The period was one of work, inspiration and creativity as opposed to partying. “I wasn’t doing any drugs,” Pritchard attests. “It was more dive bars and a bottle of whiskey than Berghain.” The environment quickly started to work its magic. “A lot of songwriters have found refuge in Berlin”, he says. “It’s a free place, it’s not so consumed by commerciality. I was looking for something a bit rawer, a little bit more minimal. Sometimes you just pick up these nuances somewhere. It’s not necessarily the people, it’s the place.”


1. Connection
2. Cold Heart
3. Jesse James
4. Closer
5. Sailing On A Dream
6. Beautiful World
7. Modern Days
8. Oasis
9. 25
10. Without A Doubt