Deep Cuts (Reissue)

Vinyl 2LP

The Knife have an appetite for bright, quirky electro-pop and unabashed emotions. The result is Deep Cuts, a colorful album that makes up for an absence in subtlety with an immediacy that should surely reap some commercial rewards. The formula pays dividends on Heartbeats where Karin's vocals are exuberant whilst Olof's synths are brimming with the echo of late 80's disco pop.


1. Heartbeats
2. Girls' Night Out
3. Pass This On
4. One for You
5. The Cop
6. Listen Now
7. She's Having a Baby
8. You Take My Breath Away
9. Rock Classics
10. Is It Medicine
11. You Make Me Like Charity
12. Got 2 Let U
13. Behind the Bushes
14. Hangin' Out