Face To Face

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Like Another Side of Bob Dylan and the Beatles' Rubber Soul, Face to Face marks the beginning of the Kinks' classic period. From here on, Kinks records would become more than collections of songs, they'd become coherent frames whose material added up to a complete perspective. This record arguably presents the birth of the "concept album." And in the subcategory of records vying for first concept album (pre-Tommy, of course), such as S.F. Sorrow by the Pretty Things, Face to Face is easily the most rewarding. All of Ray Davies's themes are represented: materialism among the English upper class ("House in the Country," "Most Exclusive Residence for Sale"), depression ("Too Much on My Mind"), and nostalgia ("I'll Remember"). But these themes always lead Davies to penetrating, timeless songs of resignation, and so it is here ("Sunny Afternoon"). This is mandatory listening for any fan of popular music from the '60s.


  1. Party Line
  2. Rosy Won't You Please Come Home
  3. Dandy
  4. Too Much On My Mind
  5. Session Man
  6. Rainy Day In June
  7.  House In The Country
  8. Holiday In Waikiki
  9.  Most Exclusive Residence For Sale
  10. Fancy
  11. Little Miss Queen Of Darkness
  12.  You're Looking Fine
  13.  Sunny Afternoon
  14.  I'll Remember

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