Midnight Boom

Vinyl LP

On Midnight Boom, The Kills – Jamie Hince and Alison Mosshart - subtly and organically fuse pop, glam, blues, art-punk and hip hop, in a manner that flits between light and dark, funny and morbid, experimental and cute. The result is a short, sharp twelve track album of sensual, fresh and atmospheric songs.

Midnight Boom is all about looking to the future. "We wanted to be forward-thinking, less conceptual and to dispense of all influences", explains The Kills’ Jamie Hince. With this in mind, the band invited Spank Rock’s producer Alex Epton aka Armani XXXchange - whose album, YoYoYo, was one of the band’s favourites of the year - to assist with additional production and beats. "He gave us tips on how to make the rhythms more violent and gritty". 

To record Midnight Boom, Jamie and Alison headed out to their friends’ studio in Benton Harbour, Michigan, USA. This inspired the title of the album, which is a reference to the moment the moon comes up and everyone else has gone to bed - it’s then that The Kills would lock themselves in the studio and immerse themselves in their music. 

Midnight Boom is burning bright, both timeless and utterly contemporary, a reminder that no one on earth makes rock and roll quite like The Kills.