THE JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION - Extra Width (2011 Reissue) – Flying Out
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Extra Width (2011 Reissue)

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Vinyl LP

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This album brought blues-rock into the alternative era. On its second full-length release, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion lives up to its name. Merging blues with the post-grunge angst of Sonic Youth or Mudhoney and a rock and roll urgency, the band brings down the house with 11 sexy, rocking tunes. noteworthy cuts include Afro, which combines deceptively simple melodies with ultra-funky rhythms, and the slow-jamming Train 2, a slow-motion musical acid trip punctuated with the sound of breaking beer bottles. While blues purists may be horrified at what Spencer and the boys do to the revered music form, rock fans will delight in the exploits of The Blues Explosion. Extra Width is rock and roll irreverence at its best.


Side A
1. Afro
2. History Of Lies
3. Back Slider
4. Soul Letter
5. Soul Typecast

Side B
1. Pant Leg
2. Hey Mom
3. Big Road
4. Train #2
5. Inside The World Of The Blues Explosion
6. The World Of Sex