Vinyl LP (Limited Fire Orange & Black Streaks)

After Austin-based Scratch Acid disbanded, caterwauling vocalist David Yow and bassist David Wm Sims moved to Chicago, where they formed The Jesus Lizard and proceed to make a glorious racket throughout the '90s and beyond. Shot was their first major label release (for Capitol in 1996) and their first one without famed underground producer Steve Albini; but GGGarth (Melvins, L7) ably filled Albini's large shoes behind the board, cleaning up the sound a bit while losing none of The Jesus Lizard's grungy, menacing mania (check out Thumbscrews and Skull of a German).


  1. Thumper 
  2. Blue Shot 
  3. Thumbscrews 
  4. Good Riddance
  5. Mailman 
  6. Skull Of A German 
  7. Trephination 
  8. More Beautiful Than Barbie 
  9. Too Bad About The Fire
  10. Churl 
  11. Now Then 
  12. Inamorata 
  13. Pervertedly Slow