Audience With The Mind (Reissue) (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP (180g)

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Released in July 1993 Audience Of The Mind makes a claim for being the great lost House Of Love album, slipping into the UK charts for a solitary week, and having no singles taken from it. Self-produced and recorded as a three-piece in under two weeks, Audience Of The Mind feels as fragmentary as 'The Butterfly Album' feels fulsome. There are some great moments - the moody-yet-melodic Haloes, Shining On (featuring a guest appearance from guitarist Sean O'Hagen), the eight- minute Into The Tunnel and the acoustic title track with Chadwick sounding something like an aggrieved indie Nick Drake. It is a work ripe for rediscovery. This re- issue replicates the original 1993 Fontana UK release with printed inner sleeve and is pressed onto high quality 180g vinyl.


1. Sweet Anatomy
2. Audience with the Mind
3. Haloes
4. Erosion
5. Call Me
6. Shining on
7. Portrait in Atlanta
8. Corridors
9. Hollow
10. All Night Long
11. Into the Tunnel
12. You've Got to Feel

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