Vinyl LP

The Holydrug Couple have done a lot of growing since their first release with Sacred Bones Records in 2011. The "couple," consisting of Ives Sepúlveda and Manuel Parra recorded Noctuary in Santiago, Chile. They put together a home studio and recorded the entire album themselves, from start to finish. After four months of obsessively working and barely leaving the house, Ives emerged with a final product of which the band is truly proud. While Awe and their Ancient Land EP had a bluesier, woodsy sound, Noctuary plays out like a slow motion 60's beach party dream that you never want to wake from. 


1. Counting Saliboats 
2. Sailor 
3. Follow your way 
4. Out of sight 
5. Red Moon 
6. Wonder 
7. Willoweed 
8. Paisley 
9. Wondered
10. It's dawning