Ancient Land

12" Vinyl

“Two forest travelers, united by the will form the Holydrug Couple. With a minimal formation they managed to create a bluesy exploration, which takes the audience to a psychedelic trance. Like the rhythm of a train, with mid-tempo songs, they provide the audience a dense and misty energy. Without caring much about the contemporary scene they stand up for their own fascination about blues heroes, indian raga and hidden arts.”

Ok, so English isn’t their first language. But the jist is pretty basic: these two soul brothers got together in Santiago, Chile, started jamming and formed a pretty serious spiritual bond. Part of the ever growing Chilean Psychedelic underground scene (Föllakzoid, La Banda, The Cindy Sisters, La Hell Gang, This Schafferson Jetplane, et al.), Holydrug offer up more pop structured/vocal-heavy tunes than their mates Föllakzoid despite the fact that Ives plays in both bands. We hope to bring both bands over for a US tour next year.


1. Ancient Land 
2. Now Side 
3. Mountaintop