The Groove




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Garry Spry; “In May 1967, after returning from six months in the U.K with the Twilights, who I was managing, I was approached by keyboardist extraordinaire Tweed Harris who had just left ‘The Clefs’. Tweed wanted me to start a new band for him. Having seen the rise of two super groups in the UK ‘Cream’ and ‘Traffic’, I set about doing the same in Australia. We recruited Rod Stone, lead guitarist with The ‘Librettos’ and ‘The Play- boys’, who was between jobs. We quickly recruited drummer Geoff Bridgford, from ‘Steve and the Board’ and then Jamie Byrne, the bassist with ‘Running Jumping Standing Still’. I heard that Peter Williams had just left ‘Max Merritt & His Meteors’ and I quickly snaffled him as the lead singer”, and so was born  ‘The Groove’ - Australia’s first Supergroup.


  1. Simon Says
  2. With This Ring
  3. Soothe Me
  4. I See A New Day
  5. Goin’ Back
  6. What Is Soul
  7. Merry-Go-Round
  8. You Are The One I Love
  9. Relax Me
  10. Dance To The Music
  11. The Wind
  12. Play The Song
  13. Baby, Get in The Groove
  14. Every Ounce of Strength
  15. Wishing: You and Me
  16. A Circular Song
  17. Pianologue
  18. Stubborn Kind of Fellow
  19. Holy Cow
  20. Cool Jerk
  21. The Boat That I Row
  22. I’ve Got My Mojo Working
  23. When Something Is Wrong With My Baby Things Go Better With Coca-Cola
  24. I’ve Found Out Where It’s At
  25. We’re Gonna Drink Some Booze
  26. Just Me and You
  27. God Made His Children
  28. The Long Face
  29. Eureka Stockade
  30. I’m My Brother’s Keeper
  31. Murrumbidgee
  32. I Ain’t Comin’ Back
  33. Easy Street
  34. Friend in the Bottle
  35. I’ll Be Home In About A Day Or So
  36. Sing No Love Songs
  37. Jump Down Turn Around
  38. Give Me A Sign (Peter Williams 1971 single)