Vinyl LP

The members of German Measles, punk band from Brooklyn (and Queens) have all been around the block a few times and have been playing in bands, together and separately, for years. The drummer and guitarist both played in the legendary caUSE co-MOTION! The bassist and singer currently are in sweet new band Beachniks

They're loud, they're sloppy, they're belligerent. They rule. Their songs are catchy with driven beats that make you want to jump along and shout really loudly. T

German Measles cite their influences as the Germs, the Bachelor Pad, the Pooh Sticks, The Rutles, The Equals, the Monks, the Moondogs and the VIPs. If you like those bands, but through the filter of four wild Brooklyn dudes, you'll love German Measles.


1. What Are You Going To Do
2. Somestimes Cool Guys Don't Wear Plaid
3. Wild Weekend
4. Eternity
5. Tomorrow's Girl
6. Totally Wild