Blunted On Reality (Reissue) (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP


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Blunted On Reality is the 1994 debut album by Wyclef Jean, Lauryn Hill and Pras Michel, collectively known as The Fugees. The album contains less political lyrics than their second album The Score, but there definitively were political intentions. As Wyclef Jean described the meaning of the title in an interview: “When the cop is messing around with somebody for something that the person didn't do and they try to set ´em up, that makes me blunted on reality. When the government is taking money on arms.and that money could be going back to the community it makes me blunted on reality. It's just awareness of what's going on. That's what blunted on reality means.” The album spawned 3 singles; Nappy Heads, Vocab and Boof Baf and started selling big quantities, eventually reaching gold and platinum status, after the release of their critically acclaimed album The Score in 1996.


A1. Introduction
A2. Nappy Heads
A3. Blunted Interlude
A4. Recharge
A5. Freestyle Interlude
A6. Vocab
A7. Special News Bulletin Interlude
A8. Boof Baf
A9. Temple
B1. How Hard Is It?
B2. Harlem Chit Chat Interlude
B3. Some Seek Stardom
B4. Giggles
B5. Da Kid From Haiti Interlude
B6. Refugees On The Mic
B7. Living Like There Ain’t No Tomorrow
B8. Shouts Outs From The Block