The Territory

Rough Peel

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The Territory is the fourth album in six years from Christchurch based Lyttelton raised string band The Eastern.

It was recorded, as were the previous three with courage, friendship and grace by the kind hearted, quick handed, coopers cupping, and baby making Ben Edwards at his Sitting Room Studio on Hawkhurst St. in Port Lyttelton New Zealand. It carries on its tender shoulders fifteen songs wrestling with such unhip topics as place, marginalised voices, localised metaphors, justice, peace, hope, truth, friendship, family and myth. It has bagpipes, banjos, fiddle and as much acoustic fury (fury of both the quiet and loud kind) crammable into a bunch of folk songs, yet the electrics keen and the drums kick along and the bass rumbles and the trombone takes the air and pushes through just enough to keep the set interesting.

The Eastern are lifers in this folk singing business and spend most days of the year getting reading for soundcheck, packing down the speakers and coiling the leads. With over 1000 shows played over god knows how many miles they have proudly garnered a reputation as one of New Zealands hardest working bands. A reputation they carry with pride.


  1. The Territory
  2. The Road To Erewhon
  3. The Stepping Razor
  4. Celtic Jack & Temuka Tom
  5. Rain
  6. Murder Ballad
  7. People Like Us
  8. Rosy
  9. Talking Americana Cowboy Yeehaa Blues
  10. Broken Line
  11. (Blue & The Old Fella Sing)
  12. The Ballad of a Little While
  13. Come Dance With Me
  14. The Angle
  15. What It Is
  16. The Prayer