Time Was GIGANTIC... When We Were Kids (25th Anniversary Vinyl 2LP)

Vinyl 2LP


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Celebrating 25 years since the release of the seminal 1998 album by The Durutti Column.

Re-mastered with 5 bonus tracks: It’s Your Life, Babe, Kiss of Def, In the City , New Order Tribute and Drinking Song (version)Time Was GIGANTIC… was the final Factory Records release for The Durutti Column and the last release for the label before it closed.

The edition features extensive liner notes by Factory Records and band expert James Nice. The original artwork has been revisited by the original designers 8VO (Mark Holt and Hamish Muir). The band and lead member Vini Reilly were one of the first signings to Factory Records. The band has developed a cult following over the past 40 years with fans of the band including Brian Eno, John Frusciante (who called Vini “the best guitarist in the world”), The Chromatics, Jonny Marr and John Cooper Clarke.


1. Organ Donor
2. Pigeon 
3. I B Yours 
4. Twenty Trees 
5. Abuse 
6. Drinking Song 
7. Sing to Me
8. My Last Kiss 
9. For Rachel 
10. Highfield Choir 
11. Epilogue 
12. It's Your Life, Babe (Bonus Track) 
13. Kiss of Def (Bonus Track) 
14. In the City (Bonus Track)
15. New Order Tribute (Bonus Track) 
16. Drinking Song (Version) (Bonus Track)