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The Dunedin Sound: Some Disenchanted Evening

Bateman Publishing

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‘The Dunedin Sound’ is celebrated nationally and internationally as being a unique event in popular music history.

Throughout New Zealand, a generation of youth during the 1980s and early ’90s revelled in the fact that something had been created in Godzone that we could truly call our own — the original Kiwi DIY rock form. There was no aping of foreign sounds or looks; this was home-grown music to the max. Meanwhile, overseas, fans of indie music throughout the UK, Europe and the US recognised that something new and very special was emanating from the most unlikely of places — a small city at the bottom of the world hitherto known only (if at all) for its university, its architecture, and penguins.

With its inseparable connection to the Flying Nun record label, the Dunedin Sound’s impact upon popular music endures to this day.

250 x 220 mm portrait, PLC hardback, 208 pp, full colour throughout, with bonus AI liftout Band chart.

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Dr Ian Chapman is Executant Lecturer in Contemporary Music at the University of Otago. A specialist in popular culture of the 1970s, and on David Bowie and the glam rock period in particular, he drives a Triumph, plays a flying V guitar and collects platform shoes. He is the author of Glory Days: From Gumboots to Platforms, Kiwi Rock Chicks, Pop Stars & Trailblazers.



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