Dead Sea Perform M Harris (Reissue)

Ba Da Bing


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Vinyl LP reissue of this 1987 album from The Dead C. Each side displays a different and uniquely raw version of Max Harris-reinterpreted both times by a group who can truly say they have never played the same song in any form the same way twice. Anyone who doesn't own one of the original 21 cassette tapes made of these recordings will be hearing them together for the first time. Yes, they've never been on vinyl before, so maybe one can even say this is the tracks' first "real" release. You will be able to feel the slicing tension and drive right through your bones.


Side A
1. With Help From Max Harris (Live In Rehearsal At Chippendale House February 4 1987)

Side B
1. Beyond Help From Max Harris (Bernicia St, Port Chalmers January 23-24 1987)