Eight Ways to Start a Day

Sacred Bones


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Cultural Decay existed from 1980-1982. The bands collective discography is comprised of a highly sought after 7" single and two song 12" EP. The latter was produced and features additional accompaniment by future Revolting Cocks co-founder Luc Van Acker. The band played a total of 15 gigs in local clubs‚ Äîwith like minded Belgian acts such as Struggler, De Brassers, and Siglo XX‚Äîbefore disbanding.


1. Brave New World
2. End Of The Corridor 
3. Business Business Fragile Object 
4. Song Of Joy 
5. Womb 
6. Exit Calls
7. Sink Or Swim 
8. Eight Ways To Start A Day
9. Thin Rope 
10. Out Of Balance 
11. Losing Height 
12. End Of The Corridor