The Trip Out

Vinyl LP

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2022 Album Release. This is the 7th full length album of TCM who have been around for 25+ years. The Crystal Method are from the Las Vegas area and originated as a duo featuring guest appearances. The Crystal Method now only consists of Scott Kirkland and this is his 2nd studio album on his own. There will be an NFT accompanying the release and the album's focus single will be performed on NBC's American Song Contest with a US, Canadian, and Australian tour to follow the album release.


1 Watch Me Now Ft. Koda & Vaaal
2 House Broken Ft. Naz Tokio
3 Let's Trip Out Ft. King Green
4 Chemical Mentalist Ft. Wenzday
5 Free Play
6 Act Right Ft. Billy Dean Thomas
7 Friction Ft. Future Funk Squad
8 The Crystal Method & Hyper - Post Punk Ft. Iggy Pop

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