The Honeymoon Is Over (30th Anniversary Reissue) (CD)


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2023 marks the 30th anniversary of The Cruel Sea’s album, The Honeymoon Is Over.

It was the album that propelled them into the stratosphere after the critical acclaim received by their first two records, This Is Not The Way Home and Down Below, in the years prior. 

But in 1993 The Honeymoon Is Over blew the roof off all of the band’s prior achievements. The album is accredited 3x Platinum, spent a whole year in the ARIA Top 50 chart, and was a feature in the Top 40 best-selling albums for two consecutive years from release.

The album won 5x ARIA awards from 10 nominations, and was propelled by the singles Seems Twice, Woman With Soul and Black Stick. The title track The Honeymoon Is Over, though, became an anthem for the time – and to this day is The Cruel Sea’s most commercially successful recording.


CD 1

  1. Orleans Stomp
  2. The Honeymoon Is Over
  3. Delivery Man
  4. The Right Time
  5. Black Stick
  6. Sly Din
  7. Naked Flame
  8. Woman with Soul
  9. Seems Twice
  10. Better than Love
  11. X-N-Pop
  12. Let's Lay Down Here & Make Love
  13. Blame It On The Moon

CD 2

  1. High Sherriff Of Calhoun Parish
  2. Mamma Killed A Chicken
  3. Crab Stick
  4. Blue Dog
  5. She Still Comes Around
  6. Boot-leg (Live)
  7. Navigate (Live)
  8. This Is Not The Way Home (Live)
  9. Soul Dressing
  10. Daddy Uncool
  11. Dry Spell

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