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Featuring wild vocals from Lux Interior and creepy guitar work from Poison Ivy, Flamejob centres on the subjects of sex, drugs and rock 'n roll. The most famous cover featured on the album is “Route 66”, which is infused with the famous Cramps sound.


  1. Mean Machine
  2. Ultra Twist!
  3. Let's Get Fucked Up
  4. Nest of the Cuckoo Bird
  5. I'm Customized
  6. Sado County Auto Show
  7. Naked Girl Falling Down the Stairs
  8. How Come You Do Me?
  9. Inside Out and Upside Down (With You)
  10. Trapped Love
  11. Swing the Big Eyed Rabbit
  12. Strange Love
  13. Blues, Blues, Blues
  14. Sinners
  15. Route 66 (Get Your Kicks On)

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