What Were Flames Now Smolder

Vinyl LP

 Before paring down to a minimal sweetness, the Crabs did have a bit of bite -- What Were Flames... begins with the pretty whimper that characterized its successors, but actually finds some Some Velvet Sidealk-style full-band territories that have the rough and chirpy rock appeal K releases tend toward. This makes for an album that's a little less monochromatic than the pastoral Sand and Sea -- and it makes it a little clearer why K head Calvin Johnson took an interest in the band in the first place.

A1 Confess
A2 Love & Hate
A3 February 15th
A4 New Fool
A5 Mission Impossible
A6 The Slip
B1 Debutante
B2 Temper Temper
B3 Holiday
B4 Private Eye
B5 1863
B6 Time Has Come And Gone