The Count Bishops (Reissue)

Vinyl LP

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Punk rock was all the rage in 1977, but that didn’t bother the Count Bishops: five unashamedly blokes, emerging from the bars and clubs of London, with a solid rock’n’rollin’ sound that some thought retrograde and others timeless. At the very least, they could claim to be the finest Polish, Australian, American, English band in town.
The LP is a mix of originals, blues tunes and classic 60s covers, all played with plenty of meat on the bone. Julian Holland is credited as piano on ‘Down The Road Apiece’, and I wonder whatever happened to him. Vic Maile, one of the country’s finest engineers, pushed faders and worked magic on the audio. Two originals, ‘Baby You’re Wrong’ / ‘Stay Free’ became the single off the album and the band hit the road with Motörhead. If you remember being on that tour, you weren’t.


1. I Need You
2. Stay Free
3. Down In The Bottom
4. Talk To You
5. Shake Your Moneymaker
6. Down The Road Apiece
7. Baby You’re Wrong
8. Don’t Start Crying Now
9. Someone’s Got My Number
10. Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White
11. You’re In My Way
12. Taste And Try

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