Holy Joe's Coral Island Medicine Show


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Avaliable on vinyl. Holy Joe's Coral Island Medicine Show is the show that brings you sounds from the other side all through the night. We'll be playing murder ballads and death-ditties, love songs and eulogies, songs about drifters, grifters, hobos and killers...

If Coral Island was a box-office hit in 2022, then Holy Joe's Coral Island Medicine Show is it's low-budget little brother, written in a year and stitched together in less- think The Texas Chainsaw Massacre ll or Police Academy: Mission To Moscow- but without the plane fare to Russia. This is a sequel to rival the most shameless of cash-ins.

It features a ramshackle cast: along with the usual suspects, CoralIslandcompère (and Skelly Granddad) The Great Moriarty makes a return, alongside actor and friend-of-the-band John Simm, who recites wanderlust eulogy Drifter's Prayer. Glaswegian singer Rianne Downey is involved in a murderous duet. An unnamed pedal-steel player from the back of beyond plays a funeral score over Hotel.


1. Holy Joe (Sounds From The Other Side)
2. The Sinner 
3. Hotel
4. Holy Joe (Hitchhiker At The Highway's Edge)
5. Affiliation
6. Leave This Town
7. TheRoad Is Calling|
8. Holy Joe (Rita Is Having A Bad One) 
9. Never Be In Love Like That Again
10. Drifter's Prayer
11. Holy Joe (Bobby And Faith)
12. Long Drive To The City
13. Down By The Riverside
14. Holy Joe (The Graveyard Shift)
15. Baby Face Nelson
16. Holy Joe (A Wise Man Once Said)
17. The Coral Island Killer
18. Holy Joe (Let The Credits Roll)


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